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WATCH the People of Love Tour LIVESTREAMED Preview Concert

The GGB live stream preview concert was a rousing success. Didn't see it live? Don't worry - you can watch it right here. The GGB live experience opens hearts and encourages all to sing, chant, dance and meditate along with them. Those who have experienced the GuruGanesha Band live in concert already know that the group tears down the house while lifting the audience’s collective spirit to a higher plane. They are guiding the way towards a bold and blissful new direction for live mantra music that is perhaps even more necessary for the planet now than ever before....

GuruGanesha Talks about “People of Love” with Phil Cartwright

The GuruGanesha Band, “People of Love” album launch and fall tour of 2017- by Phil Cartwright It’s always a pleasure to catch up with GuruGanesha, the founder of Spirit Voyage. Having spent 11 years touring with Snatam Kaur he formed the GuruGanesha Band. Initially with Paloma Devi on vocals. Traditionally Guruganesha has always featured a female vocalist. But all things must change.. and they have! They’re now a FULL ON “rock and roll for the SOUL” band! LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE: With the release of their latest album “People of Love” and having just returned from Sat Nam fest Berkshires. GG revealed Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was an inspiration to him along with...