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Love is Love – Digital Download


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Love is Love features new songs developed and recorded on the road, as well as some unique versions of songs you may already be be familiar with. GuruGanesha Band is about merging the joy of ecstatic chant with the excitement and energy of live music. These tracks represent the best of the last two years of touring, and capture the spontaneity, energy and heart-centered vibe of a GuruGanesha band concert, in a way that a traditional studio recording never could!

Digital Download (mp3) – $11.99 

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Track Listing:

  1. Love Is Love
  2. In The Light Of My Soul Medley
  3. Mera Man Lochai
  4. Hummee Hum
  5. The Soul Within
  6. Troubled Times / Long Time Sun Finale

All music composed by Gurusangat Singh, GuruGanesha, and Sat Kartar Singh

Copyright Uplift Inc, 2018 all rights reserved

Mera Man Lochai copyright Sat Kartar Khalsa 2018

“In The Light Of My Soul Medley” includes an short excerpt adapted from “what you won’t do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell

  • Sat Kartar Singh:  Acoustic guitar and vocals
  • GuruGanesha:  Electric guitar and vocals
  • Gurusangat Singh:  Bass guitar and vocals
  • Fabio Pirozzolo:  Drums on Mera Man Lochai, and Trouble Times
  • and Tripp Dudley:  All other drums

All Sat Nam Fest audio tracked by Krishan Khalsa, and used with permission of Spirit Voyage.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Gurusangat Singh at Miracle Mantra Productions

Co-Produced by GuruGanesha and Sat Kartar Singh




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