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Dora Lewis


GuruGanesha Band – “Humee Hum” Official Music Video

“Humee Hum Tumee Tum” gives voice to the heart’s knowledge that we are all one at the deepest level. It celebrates that joy and leaves your soul dancing.
LIVE version is our new album LOVE IS LOVE.
Humm Hum Tumee Tum video directed and edited by Alessandra Dobrin Khalsa. Produced by Film Nest Studios

GuruGanesha Band – LIVE from Herdon!

This performance was streamed LIVE on the web on September 29th as a preview of what’s to come in the upcoming 2017 People of Love Tour. We offer it to you now as a wonderfully upbeat document that serves to inspire and celebrate GGB’s unique blend of mantra bliss!

“The Soul Within” – Official Music Video

“I am not my hair / I am not my skin / I am the soul that lives within” sings GuruGanesha, who found deep meaning in Rumi’s words after he injured his knee. “The song brought me so much relief, as it has with so many people in pain.”

Special thanks to our great friend John Fletcher who inspired this composition.

Directed and Edited by Alessandra Dobrin Khalsa
Produced by Film Nest Studios

GuruGanesha Band, The Making of “People  of Love”

Watch our in-depth mini-documentary about the creation and inspiration behind the upcoming album “People of Love” – due out October 27th everywhere.

GuruGanesha Band – Making of “People of Love” Part 1

Take a peak into the making of the upcoming GuruGanesha Band LP “People of Love.” Hear Guru Ganesha, Sat Kartar and Guru Sangat tell a little bit of the story and process that went into making the album.

GuruGanesha Band – Making of “People of Love”, Part 2

Hear more stories and insight into the making up the upcoming GGB album, “People of Love.” GuruGanesha, Sat Kartar and Gurusangat share their creative process and inspiration. The album is due out in September ’17.

GuruGanesha Band – In the Light of My Soul + What You Won’t Do for Love (Bobby Caldwell’s Classic)

This was recorded in 2015 at the Seattle OM Center. It’s sizzling snap shot of the effortless groove and inspiring mantra rock that GGB delivers. Check out Gurusangat’s crazy soulful vocal stylings, they aren’t to be missed!