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Dora Lewis

Help Us Make Our Next Music Video!

Help Us Make Our Next Music Video!


All of us in the GGB family are shocked to our very core about what happened in Las Vegas. While we can send our thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families and loved ones that suffered as a result of this horrific tragedy, it doesn’t ever feel like enough, and so we are looking to do more.

There is discord filling the world now in the form of natural disasters, political unrest, and acts of violence. The history of our own country has certainly not been exempt, yet time and time again, in the wake of tragedy, we see people come together in love as a way to support and uplift. Now, more than ever, when we live in fear of what tomorrow might bring, we are searching for solutions and we are at a crossroads.

As a mantra-based rock band we know that we certainly don’t have the answers. We do believe that engaging in our spiritual practice and doing sadhana daily will increase our field of love and create a heart space that makes violence seem almost impossible. We encourage everyone to engage in their own personal practice whether it be meditation, yoga, kirtan, mantra or our practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Whatever it is you do – do it.

The reason for that is because it creates a field of love inside of your soul and thus makes you a true person of love. As Yogi-ji said:

We are the People, the People of Love, let us People love today

Come on my Brothers smile on your Sisters, let us People love today

Come on my Sisters smile on your Brothers, let us People love today

Come on everybody smile on the Children, let us people love today

Come on everybody smile on each other, let us People love today

Sat Nam Wahe Guru

Our new album is called People of Love and as a reflection of that we wanted to try something different for the music video for the title track, People of Love. Rather than making a standard music video with a director’s vision and fancy set, we want YOU to CREATE the vision. That is why we are launching our People of Love video project that will be ENTIRELY crowd-sourced. In other words – YOU will make the video.

Show us that you are a person of love by shooting a video, either inspired by the song or directly in sync with the music and words. Listen to the song and read the lyrics to get a deeper understanding of what being a person of love means to you. We will then combine submissions into a beautiful tribute to share with the world and help encourage more openness and love.

There is no one solution to heal the world, or to understand what happened in Las Vegas or anywhere else where tragedy has struck. But as a band, we feel that this is our way that we can get involved, one song, one person, at a time.

We need love and community NOW more than ever. Being a person of love is a direct expression of that need and importance. Let’s make an amazing heartfelt video together as ONE!

Thank you! Sat Nam.