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Dora Lewis

Yoga Class | Live Music with GuruGanesha Band | Woodbury, CT

Time: April 19, 2020 11:00 AM
Location: New Morning Market | Health Food Store in Woodbury, CT
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Kundalini Yoga Class | Live music from GuruGanesha Band

Sat Kartar Singh Khalsa and Bret Arjan Singh DuBack 

Nurturing the body, mind & soul through Kundalini Yoga

As sovereign spiritual beings we have a responsibility to shine the light of our Soul. When we practice self-nurturing and meditation, our hearts and minds magnify the brilliant light of the Soul. That becomes our projection enabling us to live with integrity, neutrality and authenticity. The best part is that our radiance touches and uplifts everyone and everything around us. Our radiance nurtures our selves and humanity. Our power of attraction becomes Infinite. We are blessed.