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Dora Lewis



Sat Nam Foundation

The Sat Nam Foundation was created to serve. Seva (service) is one of the fundamental practices of a yogic lifestyle. We believe that it is our duty as yogis to serve. The owners, employees, artists and teachers of Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Fest banded together to create Sat Nam Foundation to manifest our mission of yogis serving those in need through yoga and music.


You Go Girl Yoga

You Go Girl Yoga™ is a for-purpose, non-profit consulting service with a unique model. Founded in 2015 by a mother and daughter team, we partner with organizations serving women and girls to provide evidence-based mindbody curriculums that offer life coaching, meditation, online and outreach programs, using Kundalini Yoga-technologies so that everyone can experience personal freedom. You Go Girl Yoga™ provides tools to create influential leaders focused on the greater global good, tackling issues with mutual support and empowerment.