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“Troubled Times” – Listen to Our Latest Single

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“Troubled Times” – Listen to Our Latest Single

We’re pleased to bring you, “Troubled Times” – our latest single.

To listen to the track just hit play from the SoundCloud player below.

In the tradition of the great sacred music artists of our time combined with essential influences from classic rock n’ roll greats, GuruGanesha Band embodies an entirely new musical landscape and style that is ‘conscious mantra rock.’

And that’s represented in this new song, “Troubled Times.” We are pleased to bring it to offer you a preview of what’s to come from our upcoming LP, “People of Love.” The album will be released in September which will immediately be followed by a North American East Coast tour.

GuruGanesha explains how the song came to life, “One morning in February, Gurusangat, Sat Kartar and I were sitting at GuruSangat’s kitchen table in Brattleboro, VT sipping piping hot cups of Yogi Tea when we were moved to write some lyrics and melody to a beautiful new chord progression that Sat Kartar was strumming on his acoustic guitar. We had just been watching the news on CNN which included several mind-blowing tweets from the new President that literally blew the gauges off our ‘BS detectors.’ It felt like the early 70s all over again. We decided that the song needed to speak directly to the frustration, pain and confusion that many of us in the United States are currently feeling. We also made certain that the second half of the song included a prayer and positive affirmation that we hope will be a forklift to listeners’ spirits.”

Sat Nam and Thank You – with love, GGB

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